Skincare Tips For Maskne And Skincare Routines


If you are having issues with your acne due to wearing a face mask, then you have maskne. If you are interested in learning more about curing maskne, then you should check out Glow Club. This blogger explains to us the causes of our acne. According to her research, most people are noticing more pimples than usual. Their pimples are in the areas in which the face mask covers them. This might make people be confused about which skin type they have. They assume that their skin type has changed due to the stress that they have been experiencing during the pandemic. In reality, skin type never changes. The real issue is that people have maskne. In her blog, she mentions skincare products that will help people get rid of maskne. Most of the products that she lists are very affordable and work effectively.  Also, she tells us to avoid using makeup because it will make our pimples worse while we are using our facemask. Because we need to use a facemask everywhere we go, we won’t be able to use makeup unless we are willing to make our acne worse.  My favorite tip about her blog is that we should always wash our face mask. If you are not washing your face mask daily, then your mask will have a lot of germs that will affect your skin. This is also unsanitary because germs will spread and you will be more likely to get sick. In my experience, the more that I wash my face mask, the fewer pimples I have. The face mask tends to cause irritation on the skin. That is why we must protect ourselves by always washing our face masks. 




In addition to explaining the causes of acne, this blogger gives us skincare tips and talks about her skincare routine. She informs us about the Gua Sha skincare routine by illustrating how to apply the product and how to use the Gua Sha skincare tools. She teaches her readers about her skincare routines. I like how she put the Amazon link in case any of her readers would like to purchase the Gua Sha skincare tools. Amazon is a good website to buy things from because it is cheaper than local stores and it has a fast delivery. 


I like how The blogger from Glow Club focuses on the acne issues that most of us are experiencing during the pandemic. Check out her blogs to learn more about skincare products, skincare tips, and skincare routines.

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